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This site intended only to identifying and compiling the Alpine A310 V6 or L4 that you own or owned to make an inventory of survivors of this exciting car.
Hopefully we will limit the occurrence of duplicate car remanufactured from chassis plate while papers are elsewhere.

Here we don't judge we don't denigrate.

What is in perfect original condition, modified to the extreme, a wreck or modified in an original wreck, no importance it's accepted as it is.

For further head to the FAR or to the RACI two guiding lights for the Alpinists.
See also Wikipedia:

If you want your car to be registered: send a email to

The idea of the registry A310 came to us in seeing the excellent made work at

Current team: Claude Parmentier (FAR and RACI), Fabien Cuvillier (FAR), Antoine Voisin (FAR), Robert Hofmann (RACI), Jean-Marc Bordier (FAR)
Since 2018 with the support (non-commercial) of Les Selliers du Domaine, the best address for the interior of the A310 and other Alpine

Flyers: If you are planning a Alpine event, and want to distribute flyers for the A310 registers (or GTA / A610), write to us: specifying the desired number, postal address and date of the event. We will send the flyers for free.

The information given in this list only commits the person who sends them to us.

Informations about serial numbers:
yearenginetypserial number Notes
19714 Cyl. carburetor1600 VE001 to 0010
19724 Cyl. carburetor1600 VE0011 to 0550
19734 Cyl. carburetor1600 VE0551 to 1200
19744 Cyl. injection1600 VF21185 to 21750
19754 Cyl. injection1600 VF21751 to 22016
19764 Cyl. injection1600 VF22017 to 22142
19764 Cyl.1800 VC231xx to 231xx 15 race-cars
19764 Cyl. simple carbu1600 VG40000 to 40386
1977V62700 VA43015 to 43795
1978V62700 VA43796 to 45089
1979V6 and V6 GR IV2700 VA45090 to 46355
1980V62700 VA46356 to 47683
1981V62700 VA47710 to 48847 Last 3 holes No 47708(?)
1982V6 and Boulogne2700 VA48848 to 4996027 Boulogne between 1982 and 1985
1983V6 and V6 Pack-GT and Boulogne2700 VA and VAA49961 to 52093
1984V6 and V6 Pack-GT and Boulogne2700 VA and VAAE0000001 to E0001781
1985V6 and V6 Pack-GT and Boulogne2700 VA and VAAF0000324 to F0001874

Information about production (Total 11.616):
year A310 L4A310 V6
Total with 1800VC2.3559.27611.631

Country code (you will find this number on the oval plate):
France Belgium Italy Netherland Germany Swiss/th> Spain Mexico Portugal
100 101 102 103 120 123 267 203 267

Paint colors A310:
No Color(FR) color(EN) Farbe(DE) 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85
1 Bleu Alpine métallisé Blue Blau
2 Bleu azur métallisé Blue Blau
3 Rouge italien Red Rot
4 Rouge rubis métallisé Red Rot
5 Rose bruyère métal Pink Rosa
6 Blanc gardénia White Weiß
7 Gris argent métallisé (Montebello) Gray Grau
8 Beige sable métallisé Beige Beige
9 Vert Parioli métallisé Green Grün
10 Jaune (RDL) Yellow Gelb
11 Bleu acier métallisé Blue Blau
12 Orange Orange Orange
13 Vert tilleul Green Grün
14 Vert Véronèse métal Green Grün
15 Rouge corail Red Rot
16 Jaune safran Yellow Gelb
17 Aubergine aubergine aubergine
18 Bleu Estoril métallisé Blue Blau
19 Orange Acropolis Orange Orange
20 Bleu Sierra (Marine) métallisé Blue Blau
21 Marron métal (pte. particules) Brown Braun
22 Jaune d'or Yellow Gelb
23 Vert (clair) métallisé Green Grün
24 Jaune (vanille) citron Yellow Gelb
25 Or rouge Red Rot
26 Champagne métallisé (or) Champagne Champagne
27 Marron métallisé (grosses particules) Brown Braun
28 Gris argent métallisé Gray Grau
29 Beige cornaline métallisé Beige Beige
30 Vert émeraude métal green grün ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
31 Tulipe noir métal black schwarz ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
32 Bleu pervenche blue blau ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
33 Noir black schwarz ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
35 Vert normand métallisé green grün ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
37 Bleu lagon blue blau ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
38 Noir irisé Black Schwarz
40 Vert cosmos/jade Green Grün
41 Gris galaxie Gray Grau
42 Beige Trianon Beige Beige
43 Rouge indien, Rouille Red Rot
125 Marron foncé irisé Brown Braun
158 Nacre irisé verni White Weiß
303 Blanc gardénia White Weiß
308 Jaune tournesol Yellow Gelb
345 Bleu cady blue blau ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
356 Jaune compétition yellow gelb ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
403 Bleu Marine irisé Blue Blau
460 Bleu foncé Blue Blau
488 Bleu Alpine métallisé Blue Blau
622 Noir irisé verni Black Schwarz
625 Gris galaxie Gray Grau
631 Argent métallisé Silver Silber
723 Rouge Tolède Red Rot
757 Rose parme métallisé Pink Rosa
759 Rouge Grenade métallisé Red Rot
769 Brun irisé Brown Braun
811 Rouge carmin Red Rot
907 Vert jardin green grün ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
??? Bleu olympe irisé Blue Blau

Interior features A310: According F.Lhospied, author of "Alpine Renault A310", the inside of the A310 4-cylinder was the choice of customers.
Désignation (FR) Innenraumbezeichnung (DE) Interior (EN) 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85
Drap anthracite Stoff anthracite Textile anthracite
Drap gris clair Stoff hell grau Textile light gray
Drap beige Stoff beige Textile beige
Drap vert Stoff gruen Textile green
Drap kaki Stoff kaki Textile kaki
Drap gris bleu Stoff grau blau Textile gray blue
Peau bordeaux Haut bordeaux (rot) skin bordeaux (red)
Peau havane Haut Havane Skin Havane
Velour marron rayé beige Samt braun mit beigen Streifen Velvet brown with beige stripes
Velour anthracite rayé rouge Samt anthracite mit roten Streifen Velvet anthracite with red stripes
Velour bleu marine rayé jaune Samt blau mit gelben Streifen Velvet blue with yellow stripes
Velour gris bleu Samt grau blau Velvet gray blue
Velour kaki Samt kaki Velvet kaki
Velour anthracite Samt anthracite Velvet anthracite
Cuir avocat Leder avocat Leather avocat
Cuir paprika Leder paprika Leather paprika
Cuir brun Leder braun Leather brown
Cuir savane Leder savane Leather savane
Cuir bordeaux Leder bordeaux (rot) Leather bordeaux (red)
Cuir noir Leder schwarz Leather black

Identification serial number:

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