Registre R5 Turbo

Register R5 Turbo

If you wish to add your vehicle to our registry, send us your vehicle information by e-mail: (see also the information at the bottom of the page)
To view a recording: Click on the small square on the left of the serial number. To enlarge the photo: click on the photo.
If viewing problems: open the list alone here: List Registre R5 Turbo

Required information for registering your R5 Turbo

Please send us the following information by e-mail to
* Serial number (example: B0000009) the last 8 characters of the chassis number
* Dashboard number (example: 105, not for Turbo 2)
* Engine number (example: 000000064)
* Date first put into circulation (example: 01/07/1981)
* Original color (example: 759 Grenade, see color list below)
* Notes (example: fully restored except original interior.)
* Country (example: France)
* Photo(s): at least one, preferably several, the most suitable will be chosen
* Type (example: R5 Turbo, see type list below)

List of original colors

* 158 Nacre T1,T2
* 355 Blanc T2
* 403 Marine T1,T2
* 405 Olympe T1
* 622 Noir T1,T2
* 631 Argent T1
* 705 Rouge T2
* 721 Bordeaux T2
* 759 Grenade T1
* 769 Brun T1,T2

List of types

* R5 Turbo
* R5 Turbo 2
* R5 Cévennes
* R5 Tour de Corse
* R5 Maxi

Additional information on the Registry and concerning the identification of your R5 Turbo

You will find additional information here: Information Register


The data transmitted for registrations is treated with our confidentiality clause (Registry Codex)
This codex is valid for the 3 registers A310, GTA/A610 and R5Turbo
No name, postal address or e-mail will be transmitted to a third party without the agreement of the owner
The registration numbers on the photos will be systematically hidden
We only register vehicles with the agreement of the current owner (exception: wrecks)


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